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The history of organised Mountain Rescue teams began on this island in 1962 when the Mourne Mountain Rescue Team was founded. The Kerry Mountain Rescue Team and the An Óige Mountain Rescue Team were later founded in 1966.

The Mourne Mountain Rescue Team (hereafter referred to as ‘The Team’) is made up entirely of volunteers who live close to the Mournes. Based at the foot of Slieve Donard in the coastal town of Newcastle, all operations and callouts are currently conducted from the PSNI Station.

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Mountain Rescue in the UK is a voluntary service. To maintain this valuable community operation, we rely solely on the support and generosity of you – the public.

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COVID-19 Update ***IMPORTANT***

We want to share an important update surrounding our operational procedures and how these will impact the delivery of our services across the Mourne region for the foreseeable future.

As a voluntary frontline emergency service, we are committed to serving our community and saving lives in the mountains. However, given the tangible threat that Covid-19 poses to public health at present, we find ourselves in unchartered waters. We must continuously review and adapt our ways of doing things to reflect the most up-to-date public health advice.

With the high volumes of people observed in the mountains over the last weekend, and given the current climate in relation to Covid-19, we must now make a number of difficult choices.

When contacted for Mountain Rescue, our first priority has to be the safety of team members, their families and our community. We are all volunteers, many of whom live with and care for 'vulnerable' people at home and in our working lives.

If you call 999 and ask for Mountain Rescue, we will of course do what we can, however...

- If you are uninjured, lost or benighted, you will be asked to consider waiting until morning, and/or better visibility to extricate yourself.

- If you are 'walking wounded' you will be asked to consider extricating yourself from the mountain.

- If you are seriously injured, and/or not physically able to get yourself off the hill, we will attend with the absolute minimum of team members needed to complete the task. Because of this, the evacuation will be less straightforward and the overall time to transport you to medical attention will be much longer.

Helicopter support will only be requested if a time critical injury is sustained.

While contrary to everything we believe in, these measures are necessary to protect team members, their families and our community at this time.

Covid-19 is a very serious threat and everyone must face up to their responsibilities in order to limit the spread of the virus. Government guidelines have been very clear and many people have chosen to ignore this, putting everyone at risk. By its very nature, mountain rescue requires close contact between both rescuers and casualty, exposing everyone to the risk of infection. Remember, we could also infect you! Our already over-burdened ambulance service and hospitals don’t need or want any avoidable admissions over this difficult period.

We are asking walkers/climbers/runners/bikers to forego their enjoyment of the mountains for the moment and to stick to confined alternatives, while strictly observing government guidelines. Otherwise there may come a time when the team may not be able to respond at all.

Let's all put our shoulder to the wheel now and do our bit.

Remember, the mountains will always be there.

Thank you.

#stayathome #savelives
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I fully support your decision but I value my physical & mental health & without the mountains I can't cope. I shall continue to stroll & hopefully not need your services. I have unfortunately seen you guys in full flow b4 & was in awe of what you put yourselves thru. Much love boys, take care 😘

I agree with the approach the Rescue Team have taken. I am a member of a Community First Responder team and we have been stood down because of the Coronavirus. I am also a hill walker but have not been in the hills for over two weeks. I know what it’s like been confined but it’s more important to beat the virus for the safety of our community.

You guys should make these rules permanent. Once this is over ppl will think twice before taking off without proper gear, first aid kit and before taking their children for a "walk up the hill" wearing flip flops or trainers. Stay safe all!👍😷

Very well said. People shouldn’t be in the mountains in these times and should be at home as per the advice by government. Yes the government allows exercise but there is no need for people to be going into the mountains putting your team and the over burdened health service at risk needlessly. When we come out the other side of this we can all enjoy the mountains again.

I trust everyone takes heed of all the advice. Thank you for the vital work you do as volunteers. We look forward to walking in the beautiful Mournes again as soon as it's safe to do so. Stay safe.

The virus is a nightmare, I had a very fit friend who got pneumonia a few yrs ago and while in his 40 s still never properly recovered. His life ever since has been a struggle

Hard decisions but people should not be on the mountains. Hopefully they listen and you all stay safe x

Very wise, stay safe. Hopefully everyone will stay home and avoid any call outs during this pandemic.

Well said 👏 Do what you're told folks and help everyone trying to fight this virus. STAY AT HOME

Well said and a very reasonable approach. People always underestimate what can happen up the mountain from weather to terrain. Just everyone Stay at Home!

Stay Safe guys ...from a Community First Responder and NHS frontline worker

Very well said indeed. Hope everyone takes this advice seriously. As always thank you for all you do.

Stay safe team, if people get hurt then they will appreciate the risks more!

People should be banned from the Mountains and not put other people's lives at risk! Simple!

Please everyone take this advice from MMRT you may miss the mountains but they will always be there,if we don't take responsibility some of our family or friends might not ,

Stop being so selfish people. Stay at home. Thats all you have to do to save lives. Its not rocket science.😡

This is totally the right approach. 100% with you on this!

Well put. Suggest if you want to go climbing the rocks or the mountains then put your gear on and use your stairs at home!

Well said, totally understandable. Hopefully people will pay heed.

Tried to say this to some hill walkers and got a mouth full.some Walker's just don't care .

do people call 999/mountain rescue when they are lost, 'walking wounded' and even worse, if uninjured?! that's absurd, coronavirus or not

Well said, time for the mountains when 'normality' returns. Stay safe all 🙏

Think it would be best if everyone just stayed away from the mountains and not put you guys in that situation!!

Well Said Guys , it's a pity the selfish fools wont take notice

That should be the guidelines anyway!

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We rely on donations from the public to support the work that we do. Your donation, however small, helps us to continue our work - saving lives. 100% voluntary. 100% committed.

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